The month of August is National Eye Health and Safety Awareness Month. We are proud to announce that the DeShon Pullen Law Firm has chosen to support our Foundation’s efforts to promote vision and eye health. 

The Phoenix Metro Lions Club Foundation has undertaken to screen the entire Washington Elementary School District (over 25,000 students) for free.  Once screened, Lions work with school nurses to make sure that the students who were referred for vision services, such as glasses, are able to get them free of charge.

Spot Vision Screening Device

The first step in this process is screening the students using SPOT Vision Screening Devices.  Each device costs about $7000.  With this incredible device we can screen up to 2 students per minute. The SPOT Device gives us an instant pass/referral readout. This information is provided to the school nurse so that they can guide the student and their family through the process of getting the needed assistance

Thanks to the DeShon Pullen Law Firm, your generous donation will be put towards a new SPOT machine and the other expenses related to this project.  EVERY cent donated is returned 100% back to the community per our bylaws and all donations are tax deductable. 

Please fill out this form to support our foundation. You will be taken to Paypal once you press “Donate”. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes once the donation is complete.