“Every child deserves the chance to reach their maximum potential, and reading is the key!”

Pathways to Reading is the dream of our beloved, late, Lion Forrest HickmanLion Forrest believed that every child should own a book and be encouraged to develop a love of reading. There are thousands of children in Arizona for whom owning a book is a luxury.

The Phoenix Metro Lions Club has been providing free or low cost eye glasses for many of these children.  Lion Forrest decided it was time we provided books, thus “Pathways To Reading” was born.

It is a proven fact that increasing children’s reading ability, increases their comprehension.  This will help to make them successful in all phases of their lives.

To date Pathways To Reading has given out over 70,000 free books to children who have never owned a book.

The Pathways To Reading project has received past support from community grants from Wallmart, donations from members, and donations from the community at large. We invite you to donate and support childhood literacy.

Please Donate To Pathways Today!